Exciting News!

Effective October 1, 2017, Kristy’s House is now part of Ascent 121, with whom we have partnered the past couple years!

What Stays The Same?

Much of Kristy’s House programming will remain under Ascent 121’s name and brand.
The Kristy’s House facility will retain its name and continue to be in use by Ascent 121.
Current Kristy’s House clients will continue to be served through A121.

What Changes?

Ascent 121 can now provide additional programs and services for their clients after they turn eighteen.
Kristy’s House as an organization and its Board of Directors dissolves.
Kristy’s House sole referral source will be Ascent 121 clients who “age out”.

I could not be more thrilled by this acquisition. I have always been a big supporter of Ascent 121 and—although I will no longer operate in the role of Executive Director—I look forward to working with them on a contractual basis in different capacities as time and opportunity allow.

I will still be involved in the cause of Commercialized Sexual Exploitation and utilize my skills, gifts, and story to that end to bring glory to God so stay tuned and follow me on social media as news will be released soon!

I want to encourage you to continue your support of Ascent 121 and Kristy’s House now and in the future by liking their Facebook page, continuing financial support, etc. It is my belief that these two organizations coming together is a gift and that God will do wonderful things. He is good!

For any questions or additional information on Kristy’s House and Ascent 121, please contact info@ascent121.org.


Sarah Hurley

Founder and Executive Director, Kristy’s House

About Kristy’s House

Kristy’s House is a Christian Mentoring and Discipleship program for women involved in both trafficked and non-trafficked sex work and commercialized sexual exploitation. Our mission is to equip and empower sexually exploited women through the relational love of Christ.

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