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Kristy’s House is a Christian Mentoring and Discipleship program for women involved in both trafficked and non-trafficked sex work and commercialized sexual exploitation. Our mission is to equip and empower sexually exploited women through the relational love of Christ.

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Community- we were not created to live alone

In today society we bustle about our day sad and alone. We rush from one thing to the next, without taking time to see the people around us. Many Christians go to church on Sunday. However, the majority of them come into service sit down for service, then get up and walk out at the end of service. They don’t take time to connect to the people around them. This is not how we where meant to live, we where created to make connections. We where made for relationships. God created us to live in community, not to live fast pasted lives without connection or community. We need to slow our pace to bring us back to the reality of life. We need to seek out relationship with people and invest in them and then bring other into that relationship to create a community. Just as Christ gave as …

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