Her Halo is Rusted though not Busted A Fallen Angel who needs her soul adjusted She believes that Reason is lasting, Passion is living, and Dying is teaching her how to Live Yet she has so much to give There is a force stronger than nature that keeps her will

The other day, I “Tweeted” (actually, I “Facebooked”, but it’s linked to my Twitter account so it posted there, as well) about Holy Audacity. The post basically talked about being bold and expecting God to move in bold ways. Someone I don’t know responded with a sarcastic remark, insulting Christians

Phil Robertson was suspended indefinitely from A&E today after comments he made in a GQ interview, creating national headlines, causing a huge uproar, and ironically proving he is, indeed, one of the most fascinating people of 2013. In an attempt to try to gather the facts before rushing to a

Fathers, be good to your daughters. Daughters will live like you do….” ~ John Mayer When most people think of sex trafficking, what often comes to mind is the young Cambodian girl who is sold into slavery by her family. The other image is a young girl kidnapped right off