A twister came the other day It scourged the land, it had its way It picked up homes and tossed them To and fro and here and there   Children buried under bricks And mortar, mud, rich and thick As parents ran to reach them For the worst they did

Sometimes I get too comfortable. Sometimes, when I’m looking around my lovely home, running errands in my comfortable neighborhood, volunteering with the PTO, going to church, being a housewife, and I am more than sixteen years away from it, I forget about my past. I don’t ever fully forget, but

The other night, my stepdaughter and I noticed a partial rainbow as I was dropping her off at her youth group. It was a rainy autumn Wednesday, early evening, and even though it was only a partial rainbow, the colors were spectacular, especially alongside all the fall colors currently on

It is the moment at which everything happens absolutely perfectly in a way that is even better than what was hoped. A moment that can make you smile, make you cry, and brings about a feeling of deep gratitude. The secular call it luck. The New Agers call it the