The other day, I “Tweeted” (actually, I “Facebooked”, but it’s linked to my Twitter account so it posted there, as well) about Holy Audacity. The post basically talked about being bold and expecting God to move in bold ways. Someone I don’t know responded with a sarcastic remark, insulting Christians

A twister came the other day It scourged the land, it had its way It picked up homes and tossed them To and fro and here and there   Children buried under bricks And mortar, mud, rich and thick As parents ran to reach them For the worst they did

It’s Christmas time in the city. We’re all running around town, searching for the perfect gifts, baking goodies for holiday gatherings, decorating trees and houses, attending parties and get togethers, checking off lists, and going crazy trying to squeeze it all in. Those are some of the things I was